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Since 1990, Mercury Inc has been working on music software distribution in Japan, not just CDs but also vinyl LPs, as well as Super-Audio CDs and other audiophile software.
When a culture from one country is introduced to another, the translator is always needed to communicate the original ideas and philosophies. Music transcends language barriers as it is the art of sound, however, if the listener has any knowledge on the culture which fostered the music, he can appreciate it more intimately and more soundly.
Concerning CDs, we deal mainly, though not exclusively, with classical music, from early music to contemporary, not to mention baroque, classical, romantic and early modern.
We add 1) a Japanese translation of the liner-notes and 2) a Japanese tag called “obi”, on which a Japanese introduction and translation of the titles and the names of the musicians are printed. In this way, the ideas behind the original production are transmitted into our culture as the CD is played, just as the artists intended when they made the album. We distribute the following labels:

  • AcousticSounds
  • aeon
  • Alpha
  • Analogue Productions
  • arcana
  • arcodiva
  • as musique
  • Box Star Records
  • Caro mitis
  • Classic Records
  • clearaudio
  • Concerto
  • Cypres
  • e lucevan le stelle
  • EMC
  • fuga libera
  • Gramola
  • Groove Note
  • intrada
  • Melophone
  • Music Matters
  • ORG
  • Pan Classics
  • Pure Pleasure
  • Ramee
  • Stockfisch Records
  • saphir Speakers Corner
  • Transart

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Company Overview

Company Name Mercury Co.,Ltd.
Address of Headquarters 4F Showa building,1-12-6 Iidabashi,Chiyoda,Tokyo 102-0072,JAPAN
TEL +81-03-5276-6803
FAX +81-03-5276-5960
Establishment 1990.6
  • Sales and importing and exporting such as CD・LP・DVD
  • Sound source production
  • Concert management
  • Planning and production of cultural business